It’s those moments in life when you are thankful from the bottom of your heart that you weren’t the one to have organised this exact ‘adventure’ and at the same time feel a slight, cheeky tinge of Schadenfreude at someone else’s misfortune, in this case Anna’s. Yes, I admit it.

So, in Anna’s never-ending pursuit to find the most exciting places, most hidden secrets of any place we visit, we were on our way to The Berber Lodge. It had apparently only just opened but was a must see for anyone wanting to go slightly off the beaten track in and around Marrakesh. Off we went, with our driver (and definitely friend and navigator Rashid) after a very busy morning with numerous of our suppliers to find said Berber Lodge. The description we were given of how to get there was at best, well, disastrous: please pass the large round stone on your left and turn right at the dry bush on your right………well there are hundreds of each of them in the desert. It was at this point around 2.30pm, a very long time since our breakfast at 8am.This wouldn’t be so much of an issue unless you have a friend like Anna because let me tell you, when her blood sugar levels plummet you better move away siftly (!!!), unless you have a hidden stash of chocolate or biscuits hidden away, that can tide her over until the next meal. Otherwise await punishment, severe punishment.

After numerous arrivals in tiny, dusty villages and probably about 20 u-turns, I could hear in Anna’s voice and see in her demeanour that she was about to either chew on her own fingers or have a massive so called SHF (sense of humour failure). Only problem……who at? Her plan, her insistence, her adventure. Ooops………

We did arrive in the end, around 3.30pm, to have a wonderful very very VERY late lunch at the brilliant Berber Lodge, which anyone visiting Marrakesh should take the time to stay at, even if just for a night. It’s proper ‘Berber’, run by the eccentric and fun Romain Michel and is an authentic experience no one should miss.

I have never seen Anna eat quicker or look more relieved when to blood sugar levels were very obviously restored and I could see her making a note to self in her head: never ever EVER go out on any adventure again without at least one Mars Bar on board!!