Well what can I say but that we are probably one of the more unlike ‘couples’ you will meet, probably both in character and looks, Anna being all blonde, tall, beautiful, and quietly assuming, the impersonation of style and grace. And then there is I, dark hair, quite dark skin, some might call it olive, dressed in my gym gear most of the time and with my mouth open with something to say, even if not necessarily timed right.

We met for the first time at our children’s Kindergarten, and in hindsight having laughed many times about our first impression of each other, ogled each other up with the same suspicion and on my side definitely respect and a bit of fear.

This all changed when Anna decided to announce to me one morning at drop off that she had seen me ‘hanging on a friend’s loo wall’. It turned out it was a picture of my wedding day that really was hanging on a mutual friend’s loo wall.

And how loo walls can start friendships, I had no idea! Now, just about 6 years after that said conversation, we see each other every day, both here at work, at school but also as great friends and confidants. My life in London would definitely not be the same without friends like Anna in it and I am excited already to share on these pages here our passions and our progress, our ups and most definitely our downfalls (let’s face it, they are far more funny most of the time) I also look forward to introducing our products and designers to you. Every person and ever piece in our collection has a story to tell, and we feel very excited and humbled to be able to share these stories with you.